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Dance Your Truth

Conscious Dance, according to research, enhances wellness by decreasing stress and psychological distress, increasing mindfulness and uplifting quality of life. It's great exercise and supports embodiment as a practice and way of healing from dissociative states.

Conscious Dance is also a beautiful way to access the inner wisdom and knowledge of our somatic selves bringing this forward to consciousness for learning, growth and personal development. 

Gender Diversity

Dance Your Truth:
Gender Journey

A facilitated dance and movement journey, with sharing and reflection circles, into how we hold gender in our bodies. A valuable exploration for anyone of any gender to explore how our perceptions of gender shape how we move in the world. For both cis and trans bodies.

Dance your Truth:
Boundaries & Consent

A facilitated dance and movement journey, with sharing and reflection circles, into how we hold boundaries and experience consent in our bodies. An embodied exploration into our perceptions of boundaries, finding "yes!" and finding "no!". For anyone with a body.

Boundaries and Consent

Dance Temple

Dance Temple

Dance Temple is a lightly facilitated ecstatic dance space for all bodies to journey though whatever arises for each person following a DJed musical "wave" rising from a gentle, slow entry to a high tempo peak and back into integrated restfulness, Connie often closes with a digeridoo sound journey. Dance Temple is a sober space, consent-based and conversation-free to facilitate personal somatic exploration in dance.

Connie DJs under the name DJ Moon Cat, you can find recordings of her Dance Temple sessions here on Soundcloud.

Conscious Dance Yoga

Move beyond the mat into free embodied expression and exploration.


In collaboration with yoga teachers we warm up with Yoga practice, transition into a gently facilitated conscious dance finding completion with savasana and a sound bath.

Dance Yoga
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