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About Connie Quayle

Connie (she/her) is a settler of Celtic heritage and third generation of her family from Vancouver Island. She brings decades of experience as a teacher and educator to the spaces she facilitates for learning and embodiment practices.

Connie has a BA in "Cosmologies of Nature", an interdisciplinary exploration of how humans perceive our relationships with the natural world, a B.Ed. in Outdoor and Experiential Education with BC teacher certification and has an MA in Conflict Analysis and Management. From this background she is able to hold space for diverse opinions and places of questioning as well as approach topics with an understanding of the systemic conflict, often rooted in colonialism, that leads to marginalization. 

In further coursework she has deepened her knowledge and skills in compassionate communication, mediation, anti-racism, LGBTQ+ inclusion, trauma informed practices, Indigenous realities and decolonization..

As a queer trans woman and as someone who has spent years in recovery from complex PTSD she brings a depth of understanding rooted in personal experience to the spaces that she facilitates. When relevant and helpful she shares anecdotes from her own life to inform workshop learning. 

Connie has a reputation for holding spaces where people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives feel safe to engage with learning material with compassion, understanding and sometimes even fun.

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