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Wherever we are in our journeys, the paths we walk become easier with people to talk things through with, help us find direction, and support us in our growth and trans formation.

Be truly seen and heard.

Find support in planning your journey, your learning, your next steps.

Unpack difficult questions for self discovery.

Find comfort with vulnerability in safer space.

Express the deep feels with someone who has been there and really gets it.

You are a person who is worthy of love and support.

I work with whole families, parents, youth and children.

None of us has to do this alone.

Explore topics such as

How do I find my true gender identity?

I want to find real authenticity, beyond performance of the gender norms that I have been taught. Gender is meaningful but I'm more than just that. 

I want to transition my gender, but it's scary, how do I even begin? 

My child (partner, parent) is expressing a need to shift their gender. How do I support? How do I make sense of this? What does it mean for me? 

Is this gender dysphoria that I'm experiencing? How do I live with it?

I live my life as I am, content with my gender expression and identity, but it's lonely and difficult to find people who really get it. Can we talk? 

Can you support my family and friends in learning to accept me as I am? They love me but they just don't get it. 

I think I need better boundaries with the people in my life. How do I even approach this? 

I believe in the importance of accessible counselling. I offer sliding scale rates based on your circumstances and lived reality.

60 minute private sessions for individuals from $60 - $120 depending on your income

60 minute sessions for families or groups $80 - $180 (private sessions with each person required)

Free 20 minute consult to see if we are a good fit

contact to book

Fees are due at the time of service

$60 fee for missed or cancelled appointment (with less that 24 hrs notice)

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