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Gender Diversity Inclusion
For workplaces, organizations, schools, healthcare providers, families and space holders

Support Gender Diversity in your communities

Inclusivity means more than just an open mind,

it takes a commitment to educate yourself and those around you.

Workshops designed to your needs

Topics include: 

  • terminology, so we speak the same language

  • pronouns,  best practices

  • gender theory and how gender is not biological sex

  • how to create safer spaces for gender diversity

  • children, youth and gender education

  • gender transition and what that means

  • what transphobia looks like

  • cisgender privilege

  • intersectionality and gender diversity

  • trans inclusion as feminism & decolonialism

  • gender variance in history

  • open space to ask questions of a trans educator

1 - 4 hours long, online or in person

$75 - $300/hr

contact to book or inquire about travel rates

Clients have included

Bridges for Women Society

Hollyhock Leadership Institute

BC Ministry of Transportation

MA Yoga and Wellness

Cortes Community Foundation

Wear 2 Start Society

Private family support

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