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Gender diversity
Support & Inclusion

Counselling, Learning and Growth



Counselling &

Transition Doula



Private counselling and support with individuals and whole families. 

 Centering trans, non-binary and genderqueer people, those who love them, and those who are curious to deepen their relation to gender and transitions in their lives.

Free consults available.

LGBTQ inclusive

Gender Diversity Education


Workshops on understanding gender diversity and ways that we all can support trans and nonbinary people in our communities.

Adapted to the needs and experience of your group.

For people who work with humans.

Conscious Dance

 Conscious Dance

Facilitated free form movement sessions for somatic learning to explore your connection to growth areas such as 

 Gender Embodiment,

 Boundaries and Consent, 

and more.

Generate learning through mindful body experiences and self exploration in conscious dance.


"meeting everyone in the class where they are at and making learning fun, she gives students an opportunity to practice some of the learning in real time and she shares her own stories which are powerful... Connie creates a sense of safety and openness so that people can really learn. I highly recommend her trainings."

Katyanna Ryan - Owner of MA Yoga and Wellness

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